Krimi värk

Täna saime siinselt ülikoolilt alloleva, väga tõsise sisuga kirja. Edastan selle muutmata kujul, inglise keeles. (Neile, kes inglise keelt ei valda, väike kokkuvõte: meeste WC seinale oli keegi punase markeriga miskit sodinud. Tegemist on tõsise vandalismiaktiga, millest on juba politseile teatud. Vandaalitsejat ootab ees kas rahaline karistus või 3 aastat vangistust ja 3-8 kepihoopi. Kes sellist vandaalitsemist juhtub pealt nägema, teatagu ülikooli turvaosakonda ja ärgu ise vandaalitsejale vastu hakaku.)

Tõsine värk, kriminaalne ühiskond meil siin…


1. Campus Security has received reports of acts of vandalism committed inside the male toilets of Kent Ridge Campus. The graffiti which were found on the rear of the cubicle door were written in red marker pen.

2. NUS view vandalism cases seriously. We have reported all the cases to the Police and they are currently investigating. Under the law, any person who commits any act of vandalism or attempts to do any such act or causes any such act to be done shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 years, and shall also, subject to section 231 of the Criminal Procedure Code, be punished with caning with not less than 3 strokes and not more than 8 strokes.

3. The University stand in this matter is also clear, that we will not tolerate such criminal acts. We will not hesitate to hand the offender over to the Police.

4. You can play a part in maintaining the security in Campus. Be on the lookout for persons who may be behaving suspiciously in and outside the toilet. Report your findings immediately to Campus Security at 6874 1616 or the Police at 999. Remember: DO NOT confront the person.

5. For other security tips, please visit Campus Security website:

6. Thank you.

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